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seated experience

25 min / $55
50 min / $100

good for the sole

A much-needed experience after a shopping rendezvous or a long day on your feet. The perfect pressure point foot massage that focuses on your feet & lower leg to add that extra skip in your step!

take a seat

The ideal choice to transition from 9-to-5 to your perfect evening. This massage reduces muscular tension & stress. Thoughtfully crafted to relieve tense shoulders from crouching over your laptop all day

i want it all

The ultimate chill – we recommend this when you want a little bit of everything. Just sit back & relax while we massage your upper body, feet & scalp.

double touch

Experience the deeply restorative benefits of two therapists working on your upper body & feet, at the same time. You’ll walk out ready to take on the rest of your day….wherever it may take you

full body break

25 min / $65
50 min / $120
80 min / $175

much kneaded

Curated to target every tension & soothe the body. This rejuvenating full body massage leaves no knot untangled, helping to restore balance to the body and mind

après workout

Run, don’t walk. For a little tough love, this sport-style massage is for those needing a firmer and deeper treatment. The perfect reward for your active body!

jet lag cure

Worn out from all the wanderlust? This massage is focused on relieving muscles from traveling and sitting on a plane, using a lymphatic drainage technique to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and reset your sleep cycle.

mama knows best

A special treat for the mom to be! This massage focuses on relieving common areas of tension that may arise during pregnancy. No worries, you may count for two, but we only charge for one… *after 1st trimester

two, please

Bring your friend (or lover). A little more social yet intimate, enhance your experience by sharing it with another. Relax side by side and let your energies flow together

A little extra?

bright eye / $5

Add on a moisturizing eye massage, stimulating so you can leave extra refreshed and rested

sweet senses / $5

Breathe in, breathe out. This customized aromatherapy enhancement uses thoughtfully blended essential oils to heighten your massage

lend a hand / $20

We work with the, we write with them – so reward them with a hand reflexology experience & arm massage. To release that texting and typing tension.

bath bomb / $5

Add a little fun for your foot soak by dropping in a stimulating bath bomb!

call me coco / $10

Hello, paradise…a tropical foot scrub where your feet are scrubbed & buffed with coconut oil and raw sugar – talk about smooth.

free you mind / $20

Clear your mind & enhance your blood flow with our head tingling scalp massage

muscle relax / $5

Add on an amica ointment to your massage to treat your sore muscles.

gua sha / $10

A traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses a massage tool to stimulate circulation, de-puff, lift & sculpt your face & neck